Re-Route: Hub Dance Collective Fall Concert

Tonight’s Performance – August 29, 2020, 7pm (CDT)
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Introduction to “Re-Route”
Concept, Performance & Editing : Kelly Ferris Lester

If I could, I would
Choreographer: Stacy Reischman Fletcher 
Performers: Brianna Jahn, Katherine Moore, Candice Salyers, Lauren Soutullo Smith 
Music: excerpts from “Parallax” and “Atacama” by D M Ecks, “Bad” by U2 
Camerawork: Caulondra Davison

Self Portrait no.2
Choreographer & Performer: Brianna Jahn 
Poem: “From Matisse” written and read by Gertrude Stein 
Music: “Two For Joy” by Anna Rose Carter 
Original Costume Design: Anthony Gary 
Lighting Design: Brianna Jahn 
Camerawork: Jaylen Williams 

Choreographer: Lindsay Hawkins 
Performers: Brianna Jahn, Katherine Moore 
Music: “We Came and Left” by Cedric Vermue, “Flight from the City” by Johann Johannsson, “By Night” by Sophie Hutchings 
**Thank you to Brianna and Katherine for their collaborative spirit, movement phrases, and improvisations 

In the beginning, middle, and end, there is YOU.
Choreographer: Lauren Soutullo Smith 
Dancers: Lauren Guynes Gulliet, and Lauren Soutullo Smith 
Music: “a1” by Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm
Camerawork: Jamison Carroll

There are (има) 
Created & performed by: Candice Salyers 
Music: “Solitude” by Peter Jones (used with permission of the composer) 
Text: Jalal ad-Din Rum


HDC Interns: Jamison Carroll, Caulondra Davison, Jaylen Williams 
Concert Video Editing: Brianna Jahn 
Virtual Concert Management: Lauren Soutullo Smith 

Special Thanks 

Stacy Reischman Fletcher and USM Dance,  Partners for the Arts, USM College of Arts and Sciences, all the HDC families and HDC interns. 

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