Since 2012, Hub Dance Collective has been Hattiesburg, Mississippi’s home for professional contemporary dance, and we have shared the dance talent in Southern Mississippi with the nation by touring Illinois, Texas, Michigan, New York and Alabama.

The idea for HDC grew from faculty members in The University of Southern Mississippi’s Dance Program who wanted to continue choreographing and performing professionally, in addition to producing their work with the student body. HDC focuses on the collaborative process. We recognize that collaboration fuels each of our individual artistry. This is why our concerts’ programs are varied in types/styles of dance you will see, because we each bring our developed aesthetic and our own unique artistic perspectives to the stage. Having trained nationally as individuals, we now are committed to bringing our broad, collective perspectives on dance to the region. By performing our work in southern Mississippi, we grow our local audiences for dance; by touring we increase recognition of the burgeoning contemporary dance scene in our region.

Hub Dance Collective

Founding Members: Meredith Early, Kelly Ferris Lester, Elizabeth Lentz-Hill, Rebecca McArthur, Stacy Reischman Fletcher

Current Members: Brianna Jahn, Kelly Ferris Lester, Rebecca McArthur, Katherine G. Moore, Stacy Reischman Fletcher, Candice Salyers, Lauren Soutullo Smith